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    Garage Door Springs Repair Port Moody

    Need to add tension to your torsion spring? Call our company for any garage door springs repair in Port Moody, British Columbia. We do the required spring adjustment and repair work, replace broken springs in timely fashion, and can help you with any matter related to your spring system. Are you planning to get a new overhead door and wondering if it’s necessary to replace the existing spring? Let us assist you. When it comes to these vital parts of your door, you can trust the expertise and fast assistance of our professionals to avoid injuries and further problems. Everyone at our Port Moody Garage Door Repair business is prepared to handle spring issues and responds quickly.Garage Door Springs Repair Port Moody

    We are trained to fix and replace garage door springs

    All garage door spring repair technicians at our company in Port Moody, British Columbia, are qualified, insured, and trained. We have know how in replacing both types of residential springs regardless if your torsion spring is galvanized or oil tempered and your extension springs are for one piece or sectional doors.

    Our experts arrive at your house as soon as possible and bring new springs should there is a need for garage door spring replacement and a variety of tools. With our routine spring services, we keep your springs and their components in good shape, flexible, and tensed so that the door will remain open and move up and down well-balanced. Our services include without being limited to:

    • Spring adjustment
    • Broken spring repair
    • Replacement of cones, bearings, and shafts
    • Broken pulley replacement
    • The installation of safety cables
    • Extension and torsion spring repair

    In order for springs to balance the door and bring it up, they must be properly tensed. If the door is sagging or feels heavy, give us a call. We come to adjust your springs as fast as possible. Want to replace your springs to prevent them from snapping? You will have the assistance of our company regardless of your Port Moody garage door springs repair demands. Call us now.

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