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    Garage Door Torsion Spring Port Moody

    Did you know that torsion springs are important for every garage door? If you did not know, you know now. Torsion springs are what make a garage door work properly. That's why we are proud to offer the most efficient care for the garage door torsion spring in Port Moody. What exactly is a torsion spring and what does it do? A torsion spring, in a garage door, is a coiled spring wrapped around a rod. It is needed to provide a counterbalance for any garage door. Otherwise, the garage door would not be able to open and close without a lot of trouble.Garage Door Torsion Spring Port Moody

    At Port Moody Garage Door Repair, we do our best to give you the best. We work hard to give you the torsion spring services you need. Our garage door techs work hard to repair and install new parts to ensure that your garage door works when you need it.

    Torsion Spring Repair Service

    Sometimes we are able to repair broken torsion springs, but often they are so broken that they cannot be repaired. When they can be, we'll provide torsion spring repair on the spot. This takes a highly qualified and experienced technician. If torsion springs are not handled properly, serious injury can occur when trying to install them.

    When repair is out of the question, we'll provide garage door torsion spring replacement. This is something that needs to be done so your garage door will work properly. If you are not sure that a torsion spring is a problem, just let us know. Our techs can find out within minutes and offer torsion spring replacement if needed.

    Sometimes the springs don't need to be repaired or replaced. In these cases, they just need a simple torsion spring adjustment.

    Call us today for the best service for the garage door torsion spring in Port Moody! We offer extension springs service too. Check us out today!

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